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This celebration tries to place the guests into a casino atmosphere with a complete decoration that include gambling tables ruled by professional crupiers.

The betting fake money can be customized with the characteristics of the event (logo of the client, date, reason for the event...).

Besides the the gambling tables thre can be a buffet, epoche music served by a discjockey and actors urging the guests to join the gambling. A nice complementary option would be to offer an award to the best players.

We can complement the Casino with two types of shows:
1) NIGHT CLUB, taking as a reference the famous film “CABARET” with the performance being introduced by an actor playing Joel Gray’s role and singing the song “Wilkomen”. On stage there will be a Dixieland quintet playing charleston and ragtime and also a dancer can imitate Lisa Minnelli.
2) CAN-CAN (Paris, S.XIX): We can add a girl’s dance chorus line dressed as the dancers of the Moulin Rouge or the Folies Bergère.

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