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Traditional Choirs

Traditional Choirs

The list of Traditional Choirs is long and varied, each one of them relied to their own cultural background.

Among others we underline the following three:
1.- Christmas Choir with a specific christmas repertoire. Besides the full choir both, a Vocal Quartet and an Octet can also offer a Christmas concert.
2.- "Rociero" Choir playing Spanish popular sacred music. Composed by 15 to 20 members including instrumentalists (guitars and percussion) and voices, they adapt their performance to the required ceremony, from a mass in a church (with all the parts of the liturgy) to a popular devotional tunes recital or even for a popular dance.
3.- Basc "Ochote". Typical group from the Basc Country of eight male voces tnat can be accompained by a guitar and an accordion. They sing basc popular songs and also basc and catalan "havaneras".

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