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Disco 4 - 1.000 pax

Disco 4 - 1.000 pax

This is an easy location dance set that guarantees up to 6 hours of non stop dancing. It includes a disc-jockey, sound, lightning and is adaptable to the decoration requirements that can be needed.

The repertoire can also be adapted to the attending audience since it includes the most classical dancing rhythms (waltz, rock, rumba…) with its everlasting melodies but is constantly updated with the latest hits.

Some engineering specifications:
Sound: 2 bass 500w each (1000w) 4 loud speakers 15” 500w each (2000w) 4 loud speakers 12” 300w each (1200w) Amplification Crossovers Total sound 4200w / 100db w/m
Lightning: 44 lights of 500w 4 elevated towers 5m. each Lightning Colours: Red, green, blue and yellow (if it is previously asked it would be possible to vary the lightning colours according to the client’s demands (for example, using the logo colours of the company). 4 disco effects

Three-phase Undertaken Dimmers Hoses Disc-jockey CD Music complete set

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