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African Party

African Party

In Africa there are many different cultures and this party is ment to describe this variety by creating several ambients where the guests can walk by.

The two principal sets, and the most contrasted among them are: The Desert and The Jungle. Depending on the event's magnitude and the space disponibility we can present these two environements, just one of them or even be more precise (The savana, the grat lakes...).

We adapt the site to become a Haima, or big tent in a oasis in the middle of the desert. On the ground there are carpets so that the guests can walk barefoot and there will not be tables and chairs but cushions where the guests can seat close to low tables covered with zebra skin clothings.

If the party includes Shows a round stage can be placed at the center of the Carp-Jaima.

The place is fullfilled with inner plants and all kinds of palm trees creating corners where to find animals hunting trophies, shields, masks, etc… In both cases sound and lightning effects are essential to achieve the desired results.

Several shows are specific for this african party: Dance and music groups from the mediterraneum coast, from the arab culture or from the black countries. Depending on how serious or not will the event be we can add actors disguised as natives or explorers like Indiana Jones... and if the site is big enough we can place craftsmen working at the sight of the guests with their work in exposition or given as gifts to the guests.

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