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Goya Party

Goya Party

The party's purpose is to make the assistants live, under the glance of Goya, the change from autocracy to democracy, a revolutionary episode.

In the main square of a spanish town there is an outdoors supper with the presence of the local nobleman who governs despotically. It’s a market day and the square is full of craftsmen (ceramic, glass), food (bread, cheese), traditional jobs (forge, horse care…).

Music, played live, gets mixed with the voices of the working people. The scents of the bread, the spices and the animals are intermingled.

Actors reproduce live the most well-known pictures of the costumbrist epoch of the painter Francisco de Goya: The Pelele, the Cucaña, the Gallinita ciega, the Swing, The Harvest, the Parasol…

The aristocrat announces that there is going to be an execution of insurrectionists against his power. The damned are lead in by a cart-jail and shot against the wall. The scene reproduces the picture “The executions on May 3rd” of Goya. Young people burst in throwing away leaflets and shouting revolutionary slogans. A battle takes place with the victory of the insurrectionists. The aristocrat and his cohort are locked up in the cart-jail and taken away.

The new leader calls for the celebration and horse riders appear to put up a horse exhibition. Following, there’s a falconry exhibiton (birds of prey, hawks, eaglets) flying very close to the invited at table.

Other characters continuously appear taken out from Goya’s imaginary: Water carrier, Hunters with dogs, Shepherd with flock, Religious procession, Flower saleswoman, Gypsies, Drunkards…

A Caravan of Gypsies sings opera scenes relative to gypsies, put up a flamenco show inviting the guests to dance and teach some of the basic aspects of bullfighting to the assistants. A cage appears with a young bull that is left free and any of the guests who wish to become a “torero” can give it a try.

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