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Medieval Party

Medieval Party

This celebration recreates a medieval atmosphere and is very attractive if the site is a cloister, an old open garden or a castle...

The space is decorated with flags and motifs (that can include shields in reference to the organization) and craftsmen (bread, cheese, glass, ceramics), street artists (jugglers, long-legged) are placed all over.

Other options are scenes with actors (harvest tasks, beggars, friars procession) taking place while musicians playing ancient instruments.

A Juggler welcomes the assistants and explains the activities throughout a customized romance according to the celebration. This can be emphasized with heralds (straight trumpets).

The Celebration can include a medieval supper, with a great piece of meat roasted live on a ground fire at the sight of the guests, with wooden forks etc... During the supper a choir can offer a brief concert combining Gregorian Chant and Renaissance songs.

The following exhibitions can be added:
Falconry: Birds trained to make flights towards the trainer. The guests they whish to can wear a glove and the birds will settle in their arm.
Archers: Professionals archers will make diverse shots to targets ans then call the assistants to prove it.
Swords: Specialists make an exhibition of sword fight. If someone from the guests desires to try he will learn how to handle the weapons and do a fake fight with them. Horses: We can offer from a taming exhibition to a tournoy or a quadrigae race, if the site allows it. Also the option exists for the guests to ride the horses.

The celebration can follow a script like for instance: a riot in the castlle, some scenes from Shakespeare... It would be an interesting option to disguise, in greater or smaller degree, the assistants to the event.

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