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Mediterranean Party

Mediterranean Party

There is a Mediterranean climate, a Mediterranean diet... a complete Mediterranean culture that share the countries by the Mare Nostrum based on light, joy, street life, colors, flavours...

Musicians, painters and other northern artists have come down to catch and enjoy our light, dances and way of life. Mozart imagined Don Giovanni as the greatest lover, Mendelssohn wrote an Italian Symphony full of brightness and happiness, van Gogh and Gaugin were dazzled at the french Provenza and every summer millions of visitors fill up our beaches.

This was well explained world wide in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Game's ceremonies where, in addition to all the millenarian Mediterranean tradition glancing aesthetic innovations and the most advanced technology was displayed.

In our party the decoration recalls mediterranean sights: trees and flowers (olive trees, geraniums…) fishing nets, anchors… all underlined with projections of the most special mediterranean sites (Athen’s Acropolis, Pompeii, Costa Brava, Imperial Rome, Sevilla’s April Fair, Greek islands…)

Musically we do a journey through Spain (Flamenco, Jotas, Havaneras...), Italy (Tarantelle, serenades...), Greece (Sirtaki...) without forgetting the Balkans and the North of Africa with our specialized musical groups.

On the stage, we’ll find the most imaginative characters combining Joan Miró’s Mediterranean (blue, yellow and red) in winding choreographies and suggestive floods of mobile elements of Mediterranean inspiration. There is the sun’s personification, the sea, the wind, marine animals… in scenes where the assistant’s imagination is required to enter into the visual game.

Breafly, the party is an immersion inthe reign of the senses, light, colours and sound, all in harmony.

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