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The idea of this party is to convert the event's site into a football field where the guests can play, including: Ground painted as a football fiels, 2 Goals, Scoreboard, 4 Corner flags, several balls to play and 1 or 2 goalkeepers.

Other decoration elements and activities are:
- Pósters of different teams or a great mural reproducing the public at the stadium
- Great screen with the best moments of the history of football
- Background sound of a full stadium (singing, shouting, celebrating goals)
- Real size picture of a professional team without the player's faces so the guests can be pictured as players
- All kinds of games based on football
- Exhibition of historical football albums
- Balls signed by professional soccer players
- Presence of an active professional player
- Ball Juggler (artistic player)
- Actors making gags around the world of soccer (persecution of a referee, team owner with a huge cigar...)
- Putting the guest's name on different t-shirts...

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