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Born in Barcelona, Anna Maria Agustí, known as "Nina" began to sing professionally at the age of 16. Since then she has been with different orchestras: Costa Brava, Jànio Martí and Caravan, the orchestra of Xavier Cugat, his true discoverer and the person that pointed her as an emergent artist.

She has werked on television, both singing and conducting program shows like "Un dos tres; 10 del 3; Lluvia de estrellas; Bojos pel Ball; Cent anys de cançons..., and also acting in different TV series like Pedralbes Center; Nissaga de Poder; Entre Naranjos...

She has conducted a Radio program "El diari d'Anna, at RAC1, one theater, musicals, etc.

Out of all this activity Nina preferes singing. She has published 6 CD and has represented Spain in the Eurovisión song contest, with the song "Nacida para amar", obtaining the sixth position.

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