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TV Broadcasting

TV Broadcasting

Great events more and more need live TV broadcasting so that at every moment the best shot can be chosen and clearly offered. This requires more than one camera connected to a central control that sends mixing to a giant screen, a recorder, or to a repeating signal etc.

This service also requires a qualified personnel, highly experienced, and the possibilities are many but in any case there must always be:
1 video mixture control board with as many inputs as cameras used plus another auxiliary input for a VTR, minimum.
Control screens (small, of 9 ') for every input (Cameras, VTR) 1 control screen of 14' for the mixed air program, 1 switchboard intercom to connect the mixer-producer with the camera operators Individual headphones for everybody involved Cable interconnectors to connect each camera to the control board 1 professional recorder to record the act 1 signal distributor to send to the image selected to the giant screens or other places required.

1 mixer producer 2 camera operators of cameras. In any case the budget includes transport, assembly and disassembling and for the producer is very important to have the maximum information from the act to broadcast: the locations, the contents...

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