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Sardanes and Cobla

Sardanes and Cobla

The Sardana is the Catalan popular dance more extended and with its unique characteristics has become the most representative. Not in vain it has been often glossed by great poets who have praised not only the beauty of their music and dance but the values of brotherhood and social cohesion.

The dance is executed with the participants holding hands forming a circle (rotllana) and following the indications of one or two of the members who call for the changes, both metric or attitude, to obtain to the closest symbiosis between all just as is it were a single dancer.

And musically, it is surprising that being folkloric music it counts on an instrumental set, called Cobla, of eleven musicians, complex and varied that combines native instruments (flabiol, tamborí, tenora, tiple, fiscorn) with others (double bass, trumpet) creating a particular sound that has surprised and beloved musicians like Richard Strauss or Stravinsky. We have a Copla with the most danceable repertoire of the classic sardanas and we can add one “colla” of dancers, dressed in folkloric clothes with the typical “espardenyes” or dance footwear. It is guaranteed a performance and exhibition and the audience not only will enjoy the visual and musical show but also can join an amateur “rotllana” to try the basis steps of the dance.

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