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Percussion Workshop

Percussion Workshop

It’s a very participative Group Activity that brings great satisfaction to the assistants and contributes to create among them a sensation of being part of a community. Not in vain the first collective communication was based on organized sounds that, in addition, transmitted knowledge.

To carry this activity out it doesn’t really matter the amount of participants involved (50, 100, 200, 500 people) as long as there is enough space, a sufficient sound system and enough excitement to participate.

It either does not concern too much the time available. There’s a minimum, a single 30’ session, but can be enlarged up to several sessions, three or four, of one hour each. Evidently the results will depend on these factors although the primary target is participation and rejoicing the activity.

A Master of Ceremonies leads the experience from a visible place. To his side there are percussionists that will serve as models and, according to the magnitude of the event, other percussionists can be distributed between the participants to become nearer models and support.

Different percussion elements are distributed to all the assistants: they can be one only common element for all or different instruments from different quality: wood (blocks…), metals (triangles…), drums, shakers… According to the size of the group and the time available they can only try to organize a simple rhythm (a samba or a rock, for example) or to build up several rhythms and even open the option to improvisation.

The MC will use the language decided by the group and there can be also a translator if the group has different languages.

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