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Samba Rua Workshop

Samba Rua Workshop

In a Samba Rua there are different elements: music, dance, costumes, animation, choreography ... indivisible and combined to come out with a participative and brilliant result.

It is recommended to set groups of about 30 pax and each group has a percussion teacher and a "queen" (a Brazilian dancer). Before starting the workshop the teachers and the queens will perform a small Rua as a demonstration of what there is to achieve.

The first task of the teacher is distributing the various instruments: snare drums, "zurdo", minor percussions ... to set the various rhythms that appear in a Rua.

The queen will help preparing the movements the participants must perform as a small choreography.

Each group takes certain characteristics (the most obvious one is a color but other items can be added) and there will be provided by the necessary materials (mainly paper and plastic) for drawing up costumes.

The group work timing should not be less than one hour and no longr than three hours.

Once completed the work of each group, depending on the time available, there are two possibilities to conclude the workshop:

1) Let each group present the work done to the other groups. A jury can decide a winning group.

2) To make a big joint Rua all together.

Or, of course, both proposals.

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