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Zarzuela is the spanish popular form of opera, present in almost every big cultural event in Spain. Our specialized Zarzuela group has the following Works: La Picara Molinera, Katiuska, La Canción Del Olvido, La Parranda, La Tabernera Del Puerto... or can set up their presentation "Mosaico lírico español".

This is a selection of staged fragments from the most well known zarzuelas that adapts itself to diverse formats and locations. It includes 5 vocal soloists, a couple of dancers, a small choir of 6 members and the musical support is given by a quartet with piano.

With the help of a narrator-interpreter who will synthetically expose the story and the situations of each fragment, a display of the many musical styles, both geographic and historical, of Spain will be spread out as a journey showing the huge musical variety of the country.

As live musical presentation, a specific mise-en-scène, with lightning, clothing and other effects, emphasizes each scene.

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