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Ap - Spanish Horses

Ap - Spanish Horses


The horse demonstration that we will offer basically consist of three individual numbers where one can observe the different ways of dressage.

1. Spanish high taming school
2. Open fields dressage
3. Standing taming

And to finish the show there is a seven riders' carousel on their horses. All numbers are accompanied by Spanish music.

In the first demonstration the rider performs dressage exercises with the "Garrotxa," a three-meters long pole with a spike at one end, which is used to keep the brave bulls away. This dressage differs from the others by the absence of trotting, that is the the horse moves to galloping straight from walking with hard starts and stops.

The horse has the tail tied. This is because in the outdoors working with bulls a long tail horse swinging might cite the bull and provoke him to a attack.

The second performance will be offered by an amazon who will make a demonstration of Spanish Taming High School and will delight us with their movements.

The third and final individual demonstration will be offered by one of the Spanish riders most awarded in international competitions. In this issue we will present the standing dressage standing. This type of dressage is a demonstration of how to start dressing horses from the ground.

We will showthat a horse can act to any music. In this case we will use Ravel's Bolero.
The last number is a carousel with six horses riding perfectly coordinated to the music.

Throughout the show there will be a Master of Ceremonies explaining all the different parts in the required language.

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