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Spanish Flamenco show

Spanish Flamenco show

We recently opened our "Spanish corner" in the beautiful place of Bell Raco, 20 minutes from Barcelona. We decorated the whole house (see photos attached) and prepared a flamenco show for all the guests. Spanish Corner is a perfect composition of typical spanish elements arranged to fit perffectly in the event, transmitting all the guests the Spanish character.

Depending on the space we can change the elements.

Below is a list of some of the elements of the decoration:

- Two Barrels withsome carnations on top.
- Two wicker chairs with a guitar on top.
- A wagon wheel.
- Cordoba hat
- Wooden boxes
- Strings
- Straw Bale
- Boulot

To learn more details of the "Spanish corner" please dont hesitate in contacting us, this show is fully customizable to your needs.

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